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Useful Tips Before Buying Auto Insurance

The most important thing when buying auto insurance is to get the necessary protection for you and your family. Here are some useful tips to help you make a decision that offers peace of mind and safety.



1.Understand the difference between your insurance broker and your insurance company. Rincon® is an insurance agency or broker: depending on the needs and budget of the client, we give you the option of choosing a policy among several plans of different insurance companies. We are not the company that directly covers your car or your property, this is done by the insurance company.
2. Find out about how much coverage you need. The minimum coverage depends on the state in which you live. Additionally, you may need more coverage if you are financing your car, if you want to be protected against uninsured third parties or if you want to cover medical expenses. Contact us to explain about our available coverage.


3. Find out if your policy has a deductible. The deductible is the money you must pay in case of a claim. That is, if you have a $ 500 deductible and suffer an accident, you will have to pay the first $ 500 in repair costs. A higher deductible may result in a cheaper insurance policy. To make this decision, you must know how much money you would be willing to pay in case of an accident or theft.

4. Ask how you can get discounts or save money on your insurance policy. Most insurance companies offer special discounts for different reasons:

  • Renew your policy with the same company
  • Have a good driving record
  • Have more than one car insured
  • To have been insured without fail for several years
  • Have a good record of payment on their policies
  • Schedule your payments automatically with your credit card
    Buy your policy in cash
  • Receive your policy by email
  • Own a house
  • Be married

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