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Frequently Asked Questions

About RINCON Business Line of Credit

How Does it Work

Get the cash you need directly in your business checking account at any time. Pay interest on the cash you have used only. Pay your balance in advance at any time.

How I qualify?

In order to qualify, you will need to provide us with…

  • Basic business information
  • 3 months most recent bank statements
  • Your business must be at least 6 months in business
  • $100,000 in gross annual revenue
  • A majority owner with a 600+ personal credit score

What are the Rates?

  • Rates as low as 5% APR (up to 25% APR)
  • Your line of credit amount and interest rate will be based on our assessment of your business along with your business and personal credit.

How do I pay back?

  • Weekly OR Monthly payments over 6 or 12 months
  • Automatically deducted from your business bank account, so you don’t have to worry about missing due dates

Are there any fees?

  • $25 monthly maintenance fee, which is waived for 6 months if you draw $5,000 or more in the first five days after opening your account
  • There are no fees to open your account
  • There are no fees to draw money
  • No prepayment fees or to close your account.

Can I open Multiple Accounts?

There’s no need! Your business credit line replenishes every time you repayments.

How I access my line of credit

You may do so at anytime, just login to your portal or contact our office for assistance during our business hours. 

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