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Pay your Bills Conveniently All in One Place

Enjoy the convenience of paying your water, electric and many other of your monthly bills at Rincon just down the road.

Paying Your Bills Is Not a Tedious Job Anymore

Pay your cell phone, utility, cable bills, and many others with ease. We’re a one-stop place to pay your various bills. Our knowledgeable staff can help you make the payment with minimum interruption to your busy day.

Algunas Preguntas Frecuentes Sobre Nuestras Opciones de Pago de Recibos

What information is required to make a bill payment?

In order to make a bill payment, visit us with your paper bill stub. As your bill stub contains all the necessary information

What are the different modes of payment that I can use to pay my bill?

Payment mode varies according to the biller and agent location. Cash is accepted at all three of our locations. Some billers will let you pay via check or money order. Additionally, some agents also allow you to pay using your PIN-based debit card.

How much will it cost to send an in-person payment?

All fees will vary according to the biller and how fast you want the payment to be process. Bill transaction fees range from $2 – $5 maximum depending of the biller and time to be process.

Will I receive a receipt as proof of my payment?

After processing your payment, you will receive a paper receipt as a proof of payment.

What is the time frame in which the biller will receive my payment?

Payment delivery, posting time, and speed of payment all vary by the biller. You have three options to choose from to determine how fast your payment will be sent – same day, next day, and three-day.


We do not guarantee the reactivation of any service which the account has been discontinued or deactivated at the time of making the payment. For information regarding all overdue fees, late fees and reactivation of accounts the customer will have to contact the provider for more information.

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