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Auto  Insurance FAQs

What is the difference between buying an auto insurance policy with Rincon, instead of buying it directly from an insurance company?

With Rincon Loans & Insurance you choose among many insurance companies the insurance policy that best suits your needs.

With Rincon Loans & Insurance, you save time and money. You can compare different options and plans, instead of spending hours quoting with each insurer separately.

How can I buy a insurance policy?

If I buy my policy online...

You can request your policy voucher immediately, and one of our representatives will send it to you by fax or e-mail. Your policy, with other important documents, will be sent by mail. You can send us the signed documents in an envelope with postage prepaid that we will send along with your proof of policy

How do I pay for my policy?

To buy a policy or to pay your initial fee, you can choose one of the following payment options:

* Bank credit card or prepaid card.
* Check
* Western Union®.

You can also give us a call at: 1 (843) 744-5645 if you have any other questions or for more options

If I have any questions about my policy, do I have to call the insurance company assigned by Rincon Loans & Insurance directly?

You do not have to do it. To provide you with a professional and efficient service, Rincon Loans & Insurance have an Insurance Protection Department, a team specialized in answering all kinds of questions about your policy, such as: processing payments, making changes to your policy and help you with any claim you have. This service is free and in Spanish.

If you have any questions, please call us with confidence. 1(843) 744-5645

What do I do if I have to make an urgent payment so that my policy is not canceled?

We will be happy to assist you processing your payments. Our goal is that you and your car are always covered.

What happens at the end of my policy contract?

When the term of your policy is about to end, your insurance company will send you a letter explaining that it is time to renew your policy. you will also receive a call from us and we will answer all the questions you have about the renewal process of your policy. Remember that if you renew your policy instead of getting a new one, you can save headaches, time and money.

If you have questions about the letters your insurance company is sending you, call us with confidence at 1 (843) 744-5645

What benefits will I receive if I renew my policy with Rincon Loans & Insurance

Renewing your policy with us offers many benefits:

  • You will be constantly covered.
  • You will save the expense of processing a new policy.
  • You will save on the costs of an initial payment.
  • If you have no accidents on your record, your insurance company may offer you a special discount.
  • I could be eligible for more special offers and discounts

What is the benefit of authorizing automatic payments?

By authorizing automatic payments, most insurance companies will renew your policy without your intervention.

Save time and money by not having to send your payments monthly.

Your policy will remain in force and you will be current on your payments as long as you have sufficient funds in your bank account or card.

What happens if I stop paying my policy?

When you stop paying your policy, you will be left without any protection. This is not advisable. Remember that driving without insurance is illegal in almost every state in the United States. Also, in the event of an accident, you could lose a lot of money and could even lose your car.

If you have any questions, please call us with confidence at: 1 (843) 744-5645

Should I need to make changes to my policy, do I buy a new policy?

Not necessarily. Many of the changes in your policy like adding a car or a driver or change coverage, among others, can be done over the phone without having to buy a new policy.

If you need to make a change to your policy or have any questions, please call us with confidence: : 1 (843) 744-5645

What are the requirements to remove the license plates from my car?

You must go to or contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your state or locality. Rincon Loans & Insurance is not responsible or can process the plates of any vehicle.

If I have an accident, who can I call?

Please call your insurance company. The insurance company will always be responsible for claims related to your policy. However, the Insurance Protection Department will help and guide you in case your insurance company is not answering your calls or taking a long time to process your claims. We are here to help you when you need us most: 1 (843) 744-5645